I have never felt a connection to someone like I do with tony. I almost feel like my body and mind don’t want to work without him around. Some might say that it’s unhealthy to feel like this and be this dependent on someone. I’m perfectly capable of functioning without him if I have to. That is evident now. I am more complete with him than without him, though I am still whole on my own.


I watched this the other day and cried hard for the lost bookshop I grew up in.

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Paris’ unseasonably rainy weather had to be worked into the script, particularly during the balloons photo shoot scene. During filming of the Paris scenes, much of the crew and cast were on edge because of riots and political violence that were gripping the city. 

Funny Face (1957)

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I have never loved someone like this before. I feel like there is a piece of me missing while he is gone. I know that I can survive without him but I sure as hell don’t want to. I just wish I could hear his voice right now and be reassured with the big decisions that I am currently making.

I feel like I am slowly breaking into pieces.

Anonymous asked: yea man like that comment. is drinking coffee doing drugs? um. no. it has caffeine which is addictive. smh


Okay I understand. I just wish I understood why you’re being harsh about things, like clearly I don’t know what I’m talking about so there is no reason to be rude about it. Also, thank you Madee for pointing out the caffeine thing because I didn’t even think about that!

I hope you don’t think I was being rude! Just an observation. None of it makes any sense anyway. Most people equate drugs with being illegal.


I’m just gonna also say (in regards to that anon), why isn’t smoking a cigarette considered doing drugs? It has nicotine in it and that’s an addictive drug. idk man, seems kind of like doing drugs to me…

Well is drinking coffee doing drugs? The amount of caffeine, which is addictive and drug-like